Bengali New Year


Welcome to Kolorob family.
Do you miss home?
Is cultural nostalgia rooted deep in your DNA?
If you do, you have reached the right place.
Kolorob is meant to be what it literally means – chirping of birds and provides a platform to interact; have fun; enjoy festivities, food and culture, and most importantly make friends who we hope last for a lifetime. At Kolorob, we like to keep it simple, and aim to give you what matters the most – a slice of home.
Now that you’re family, #letskolorob.

About Us

STICHTING KOLOROB is a non-profit organization founded in Almere in 2022 with the aim of promoting multiculturalism and encouraging intercultural and interreligious dialogue. We believe in reaching all members of society by providing a platform for cultural and informational exchange.

Mission Statement

To provide a platform for exchanging cultural ideas and perspectives among members of our society.
To enhance understanding, respect, and acceptance among people from diverse communities.
To promote intercultural exchange between the Indian and Dutch communities in Almere.

Our Vision

Almere is a city enriched by the diversity of its residents. Promoting intercultural dialogue is essential for social harmony and cohesion within Almere’s diverse multicultural communities. To achieve this, increased interaction among different people is necessary, as it can lead to positive relationships. We strive to serve as a catalyst for enhancing mutual understanding and respect in our multicultural city.
A harmonious, enlightened, and socially cohesive Almere.
Being a socially conscious organization and contributing to social causes.
Forming relationships or partnerships with groups and organizations that celebrate diversity and multiculturalism.