O2 Contracts Free Gifts

O2 Contracts with Free Gifts – Is It Worth It?

If you`re in the market for a new phone contract, you may have noticed that many providers are offering free gifts to entice customers to sign up. O2 is no exception, and they have several contracts with a variety of free gifts available.

But is it worth it to sign up for a contract just to get a free gift? Let`s take a closer look at O2`s offers and see if they`re worth considering.

First, let`s take a look at what kind of gifts O2 is offering. They have a range of gifts available, from tech gadgets like tablets and smartwatches to more traditional items like TVs and games consoles. Some of the gifts are quite valuable – for example, at the time of writing, they are offering a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 for free on some contracts, which has a retail price of over £200.

However, it`s important to remember that nothing in life is truly free. When you sign up for a contract with a free gift, you are essentially paying for the gift over the course of your contract. O2`s contracts with free gifts tend to be more expensive than their standard contracts, so you will need to weigh up whether the cost of the gift is worth the extra money you`ll be paying.

Another thing to consider is whether you actually need the gift in question. There`s no point in paying extra for a tablet or a smartwatch if you are unlikely to use it – you`d be better off sticking with a cheaper contract and buying the item separately if and when you need it.

It`s also important to read the terms and conditions of the contract carefully. O2`s free gift contracts often come with a minimum contract term, which means you won`t be able to switch to a cheaper contract until that term has ended. You`ll also need to check whether any upfront costs are required – some of the more valuable gifts may require an upfront payment before they are delivered.

Finally, it`s worth considering the other benefits that come with a contract. O2 offers a range of perks to their customers, such as discounts on gig tickets and access to exclusive events. These perks may be worth paying a little extra for, depending on your lifestyle and interests.

In conclusion, O2`s contracts with free gifts can be a good option if you`re in the market for a new phone contract and the gift in question is something you actually need and would be prepared to pay for separately. However, it`s important to read the terms and conditions carefully, consider the overall cost of the contract, and think about whether any other benefits are worth the extra expense.